The Latin-American Conference on High Energy Physics: Particles and Strings II,  aims to bring together scientist of Europe and Latin-american countries with the purpose of develop and strengthen scientific links and collaborations between the various physics communities. The program of the conference will include a set of review lectures on the following topics:

  • Physics of the Standard Model and Beyond.
  • Theories of fundamental interactions: QCD.
  • LHC: Experiments and first signatures.
  • String phenomenology, amplitudes.
  • D-branes, holography, black hole physics.

The program will also include short talks, informal discussion sessions and a student gong show. A pre School on High Enery Physicis will take place from July 11-15. Details on the scientific program of this school can be found in the section school.

The conference is  the second of a conference series starting with the  "Latin-American Workshop on High Energy Physics: Particle Strings", Havana, July 21, 2012.