8:30- 9:30       Registration

9:30-10:30      Opening  (Chairman:  Hugo Perez)


10:30-11:00    Coffee Break


Chairman:  Alejandro Cabo

11:00-11:30   QUEVEDO, Fernando  "String phenomenology" 

11:35-12:05   WISE, Mark " Effective Theories and Physics Beyond the Standard Model " 


12:05-14:00 Lunch

                   A: Hotel Florida

                   B: Dona Eutimia



Chairman:  Lorenzo Diaz Cruz

14:00-14:30    DE ROECK, Albert  “Searches at the LHC: present and future “

14:35-15:05    MANGANO, Michelangelo “ Status of the study for Future Circular Colliders   ”


15:10-15:40   Coffee Break                                                                                                                                                                                    


15:40-16:10    PESKIN, Michael "Standard Model and Symmetry Breaking" 

 16:15-16:45     DE MELLO NETO, João "Ultra high energy cosmic rays latest results from the Pierre Auger Observatory" 


Chairman:  Michelangelo Mangano

17:45-18:00   CERN exhibition Opening

18:00-18:30   BAULIEU, Laurent “The  increases of global  knowledges and   technologies   brought to the world   by CERN”

18:30-19:00   LHC poster session


19:00-22:00  Welcome Cocktail





Chairman:  Albert de Roeck

9:30- 10:00   MULLER, Thomas  “Collider physics and detector performance: Present and future accelerators

10:05-10:35  RADEMACKER, Jonas "Heavy flavour physics at the LHC" 


10:40-11:10  Coffee Break


Chairman:  Joseph Lykken

11:10-11:40  ISIDORI, Gino  "Flavor Physics beyond the SM" 

11:45-12:00  DIAZ-CRUZ, Lorenzo “Flavor, Higgs couplings and Dark Matter


12:05-14:00 Lunch

                   A: Dona Eutimia

                   B: Hotel Florida


Chairman:  Massimo Porrati

14:00-14:30   ANTONIADIS, Ignatios   "Aspects of String Phenomenology" 

14:35-15:05   GOLDSTEIN, kevin “Asymptotics of Higher Derivative Black Holes” 

15:10-15:25   ERFANI, Encieh "Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter" 

15:25-15:40   BARGUENO, Pedro  "Effective geometries and generalized uncertainty principle corrections to the Bekenstein–Hawking entropy


15:40-16:00   Coffee Breaks


Chairman:  Aurora Perez

16:00-16:30   REDONDO, Javier "Dark matter candidates: Axions" 

16:35-16:50   GARCIA-BELLIDO, Juan “Primordial Black Holes from Inflation as Dark Matter and the seeds of galaxies “

16:50-17:05  WHITING, Catherine  "New AdS Supergravity Backgrounds from non-Abelian T-dualities"

17:05-17:20  CABO BIZET, Nana Geraldine  "Mirror quintic vacua: hierarchies and inflation" 



18:00-19:00  Old Havana Walking Tour  





Chairman:  Michael Peskin

9:00- 9:30   OCARIZ, José  “Higgs boson physics at the LHC: recent results from ATLAS and CMS

9:35-10:05  CARENA, Marcela    "Phenomenology of Higgs boson models at the LHC." 

10:10-10:40 MÜHLLEITNER, Margarete  “ Phenomenology of Beyond the Standard Model Physics at the LHC


10:45-11:15   Coffee Break


Chairman:   Ignatios Antoniadis   

11:15-11:30  GARCIA CHUNG, Angel Alejandro " Instanton solutions in polymer Quantum Mechanics." 

11:30-11:45  WAGNER, Carlos  "Higgs Precision Data and New Physics" 

11:45-12:00  DOBADO, Antonio "Spontaneous symmetry breaking  restoration by accelaration


12:05-14:00 Lunch

                    Ambos Mundos


Chairman:  Jacob Sonnenschein

14:00-14:30  PORRATI, Massimo  "Single-field Inflationary Models in Supergravity" 

14:35-15:05  LUST, Dieter   "Classical and Quantum Black Hole Hair" 

15:10-15:40  NUNEZ, Carmen  "Duality and geometry in string theory


15:45-16:15  Coffee Breaks


Chairman:  Albrecht Klemm


16:15-16:30  CABO BIZET, Alejandro  "On the 3D Topologically Twisted Index" 

16:30-16:45  FIORAVANTI, Davide "The quantum excitations over the GKP string vacuum and gluon scattering amplitudes"

16:45-17:00  SAMSONYAN, Marine "N=2* from strings"



GONG SHOW    (Chairman Fernando Quevedo)                                                                                                      


17:00 -17:10  VARGAS SANCHEZ,  Andres Felipe  "Regular black hole solution with logarithmic correction to its entropy." 

17:10 -17:20  HOYOS RESTREPO,Paulina    "The Ayón-Beato-García regular black hole and topology change 

17:20 -17:30  FONTANELLA, Duvier  "About the possible limit for the collapse of scalar field and matter. " 

17:30 -17:40  MANREZA , Daryel   “Constraints on the braneworld from compact stars “



 19:00 Social Event :  Cuban Choral Music  (Schola Cantorum Coralina)

          Centro Cultural Padre Felix Varela




Chairman:   Marco Serone

9:00 - 9:30  SONNENSCHEIN, Jacob  ``Holography Inspired Stringy Hadron" 

9:35 -10:05 PEREZ, Hugo  “Casimir-like magnetic effect”

10:10 -10:40 CABO, Alejandro "A local and renormalizable QCD action including mass generating NJL terms?"  


10:45 -11:05  Coffee Break


Chairman: Gino Isidori

11:05-11:35   SERONE, Marco  "Towards a complete bootstrap program in four dimensional conformal field theories" 

11:35-11:50  VLADIKAS, Anastassios  " Lattice QCD Tests of the Standard Model from FLAG" 

11:50-12:05  ALVEAR, Diana “Magnetised white dwarfs “


12:00-14:00 Lunch

                   A: La Mina

                   B:  La Imprenta


Chairman: Carlos Wagner

14:00-14:30  LYKKEN, Joseph "Neutrino Physics." 

14:35-15:05  VAN REMORTEL, Nick "SoLid: A compact neutrino detector for very short baseline neutrino experiments" 

15:10-15:25  PEREZ MARTINEZ , Aurora “Propagation of neutrinos in magnetized media. Astrophysical implications. “

15:25-15:40  RODRIGUEZ QUERTS, Elizabeth “Exploring AdS waves in Viel-dreibein gravity

15:40-15:55  GONZÁLEZ LEZCANO, Alfredo "A covariant generalization of the Sochastic Quantum mechanics of de la Peña-Cetto." 

15:55-16:00 ACOSTA Jorge  Chiral current generation in QED by longitudinal photons” 


16:10-16:40  Coffee Breaks



GONG SHOW   Chairman Michelangelo Mangano


16:40-16:50  ABREU ALFONSO, Yamiel  "SoLid, Neutrino Oscillations" 

16:50-17:00  GOMEZ BOCK, Melina “Flavor Violation and g-2 in an extension of MSSM”

17:00-17:10  VALDIVIA GARCÍA, Marco Alan  "Towards a mono-chromatization scheme for direct higgs production at FCC-ee"  

17:10-17:20  ARREBATO-VILLAR, Denys Yen  "Color Transparency in Ultraperipheral high energy reactions." 

17:20-17:30  FRAGOSO, Jose Alejandro  "Transverse Momentum Dependence of parton density for vector boson scattering" 

17:30-17:40  RODRÍGUEZ, Arturo   “Sensitivity studies of color reconnection in top UE measurements”



18:00-19:00  Old Havana Walking Tour  



 19:30 Social Dinner:   Hotel Florida







Chairman:   Dieter Lust

9:00- 9:30     MURTHY, Sameer  “ Quantum black holes in string theory “

9:35-10:05    NEPOMECHIE, Rafael  “Integrability in AdS/CFT

10:10-10:40  KLEMM, Albrecht  “Exact terms in the effective action of String, M- and F-theory compactifications


10:45-11:00   Coffee Break


Chairman:  Carmen Nunez 

11:00-11:30  MARTELLI, Dario "Exact results from localization and holography"

11:30-11:45  TRANCANELLI, Diego  “Precision holography with supersymmetric Wilson loops

11:45-12:30   BIANCHI, Massimo “Summary”


 12:30-14:30 Lunch

                    A: La Imprenta

                    B: La Mina